The annual General Assembly meeting was held on Sunday, October 19, 2014, at American Quarry.  Elections were held at that time.  The following were elected as officers:  President, Tim Klima, and Secretary, Lisa Garrison.  Each of those offices are two-year terms.   The following were elected as members of the Board of Directors:  North, J.D. Emerson; Central, Tim Stafford; and South, Barry Moore.  These positions on the Board of Directors are all three-year terms.  The 2015 budget was also approved.

Outgoing president Calvin Shaw thanked everyone for their help during the last eight years that he served as president.  He commented, “It’s been a good ride.”  At the conclusion of the meeting, in-coming president Tim Klima revealed the new plaque which will be affixed to the new building.  It reads “Shaw Fellowship Hall” in recognition of the work and dedication of Calvin Shaw during his tenure as president. 

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The new meeting building at American Quarry is finished.  It is being named the Shaw Fellowship Hall in recognition of the work of outgoing president Calvin Shaw.  Thanks to Jerry Sliker for this picture.

American New Building 3

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      The PDRA is home to more than 1100 members through out  North Carolina, Virginia and South Carolina which consists of individuals and families that are serious about diving safety and having fun. Instructional and recreational scuba and skin diving is made available through several PDRA-owned quarries. Each facility provides changing areas (trailers or buildings), picnic shelters with tables, sanitation facilities, easy entry areas with ample parking and other amenities. Membership into the PDRA is available directly from PDRA by accessing the Membership link for information about joining. The PDRA always welcomes new members!